Selection rules

All entries will be reviewed by the jury.

Each entry should be no thicker than 6 inches, two-dimensional and can be hung on the wall. All those aged above 16 who lives and works in China are eligible to apply. For each competition, one artist should only submit one piece of work. All works should be hand in anonymously and the jury will make an appraisal without knowing the names of the artists beforehand.The selection will be carried out among real objects. The decision of the jury will be final. The judges are obliged to make their own decision from the perspective of pure aesthetics, unbiased by any interest disputes or political positions.
The jury is comprised of five people including representative artists, curators and critics in contemporary art circle. The first prize, which is the biggest prize, will be decided by the jury. It will provide support to prize-winning artists and also has the right to give instructions on curation.


Phase One – Nomination
Submission of registration forms and photos will be due on January.16,2020.

Phase Two – Selection
There are two phases of the selection during our competition. After the first round selection is decided, we will email to all the artists whose art works are selected. The address of the warehouse and details will be sent by email. All the selected works should be sent by the artist to the appointed warehouse by a specified date.

In the secondphase, the judges will decide a collection of the art works that will befinally exhibited in Min Sheng Art Museum. The rest of the artworks will be returned by the organizers to the artists through our appointed supplier.

Please be noted that the jury’s selection is decisive. Neither National Museums Liverpool nor Fine Arts Academy of Shanghai University is involved in the appraisal and selection of the works.