Terms and Conditions

The 2020 John Moores Painting Prize (China) holds no bias toward any artist with different experience and unique art practice. The jury will review all the artworks anonymously and announce the list of winners publicly

Q: What are the prize categories?
A: The jury will select one winner to receive the First Prize and four artists to receive John Moores Prize. All the rewards will be decided by the jury and announce on the competition’s official website and thisWeChat platform, please stay tuned.

Q: What are the requirements for participation?
A: All applicants should be aged above 16 and must work and live in China.

Q: How to apply?
A: All applicants should send in the application before deadline. 

The first phase: Fill in the registration form and upload the artworks. The closing day for application is January.16,2020. Please log onto the official website to upload the artworks, and fill in all the information as required. Applicants should upload a complete photo of one piece of artwork, along with photos of partial details. Then click the submit button to complete the application. 

The second phase: Send in the original artworks. After a review of the artworks photos, each selected entrant is allowed to send in one painting. No photos are accepted. All entrants should promise that their bidding works are original, and they own the complete intellectual properties of the works. Entrants should be responsible for the transportation of the artworks. The organizers hold no responsibility for the possible damage to or loss of the artworks during the transportation, packing and unpacking. Entrants should hand in formal registration forms, otherwise will be disqualified. Entrants are strongly advised to purchase business insurance for the transportation and storage of the artworks. During the preparation for the exhibition, the artworks will be kept in appointed warehouse. If the works are finally exhibited, relevant art museums will be responsible for selling during the exhibition. The organizers are entitled to use the artworks for publishing, printing, and online display, as needed, without paying any fees to the authors. The exhibition will run through mid-June, 2020.

Q: What are the requirements for the photos?
A: Photos of the artworks should be uploaded in JPEG format, ranging from 250kb to 5mb. It is required to upload a photo of one complete artwork (no partials), and a partial photo to show the details or present the artwork from a different angle. The photos will not be used for any other purposes before the artworks are sure to be exhibited.

Q: How to contact us if you have any questions?
A: Contact person: Wang Xiaohui;
Phone No: 189-1621-6303
Email: Regist@johnmooreschina.com

Q: What are the requirements for entries?
A: All entries should be finished recently (preferred to be finished after the fall of 2018). They are required to use entirely or at least partially the media of painting, and could be hung on the wall. The entries should be consistent with the original artworks that authors registered. If the entries are selected for evaluation, the artworks’ authors should send in the same works uploaded in the first phase, which will also be the ones for final exhibition. After the artwork is unpacked, the protrusion on the surface should be no thicker than 0.5 meter. If the artwork is not in single format, but for instance in diptych or triptych, the whole work should be no larger than 3m by 3m when on display.

Q: What will you do with those works shortlisted for final exhibition, and those fail the selection?
A: The unsuccessful artworks will be returned in one month after the jury makes the decision. If shortlisted for final exhibition, the artworks will be kept by the organizers till the end of the exhibition. They will be on display in the art museum till the exhibition closes in mid-June, 2020, and then will be shipped back into the country.